Day-One Prey Patch 1.01 Deployed on PS4; Fixes a Ton of Issues – Release Notes Inside

Prey update 1.04

It seems that Bethesda and Arkane Studios have deployed day-one Prey patch 1.01 on PS4, which includes fixes for framerate and sound issues alongside various improvements.

The PS4 patch notes were posted by a user on the Gamefaqs forum. The day-one update weighs in at 1.3GB on Sony’s PS4, and includes various fixes and improvements across the board. The patch size on PC and Xbox One is unknown at this point, but will likely not differ that much from the size PS4 patch size.

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Based on the release notes, it appears that the apparent audio issue has been addressed, but there’s no mention of the PS4 input lag that Eurogamer noted recently:

Another issue that deserves a mention centres on the audio mix. The music here is excellent but its usage is often grating with a loud battle tune kicking in whenever an enemy shows up. Even if it's just a single mimic that you can kill in seconds, the booming music continues for a while - an overblown dramatic effect for what is effectively a routine in-game skirmish. It spoils the mood somewhat and becomes annoying after a while. Thankfully, as with the control issue, the team has heard the feedback and is looking at addressing this design quirk.

Let’s hope that Arkane soon fixes the apparent inpug lag on Sony’s console. Prey is slated for a release later this week on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A demo has already been made available for both PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to know whether your PC will be able to run Arkane's latest title, check out the game's system requirements right here.

While Arkane's last title, Dishonored 2, suffered from very bad optimization on various setups, the developer has recently assured that this won't be the case for Prey. Let's hope that they will deliver.

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