David Cox Hinting at New Castlevania Lord of Shadow Video Game?

David Cox who helped make Castlevania Lord of Shadow just released a very amusing tweet, it seems that he will be returning to the Land of Dracula once more and we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what all the wait is for, could this be him hinting towards a new game or even a continuation of the Lord of Shadows on the PS3 / XBOX 360? If its the latter I am really hoping that it's true and hope we hear something at this years E3.

Castlevania Lord of Shadow was an amazing hack and slash adventure game which lived up to the potential of previous Castlevania games but when the game ended it was a question of whether we would see a sequel or perhaps a new game on the PS3 and the XBOX 360 or not, it seems that David Cox is trying to get our hopes up by making a mysterious tweet where he hints about going back to the land of Dracula.

Today and tomorrow I am in the land of Dracul... What am I doing there?? You will see.... 🙂

You can see the original tweet Here

I for one am hoping that we do see a new Castlevania game on the consoles again as I thoroughly enjoyed the first part when it first came to the PS3 and I have even ended the Castlevania games on the Nintendo DS too and found the story of each game very intriguing. I can't get enough of Castlevania games because of their superb gameplay and story mechanics, Let's hope that come tomorrow David Cox isn't just playing with our hearts.

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