Das Keyboard Launches New Q-Series Cloud-Connected Smart Keyboard for up to $249

Das Keyboard today introduced the future of mechanical keyboards with the long-anticipated launch of its groundbreaking Q-series-a family of smart, cloud-connected keyboards that increase productivity by empowering users to stream information from the Internet directly to their Q-enabled keyboard.

Das Keyboard Launches New Q-Series Cloud Keyboard

The Das Keyboard 5Q and X50Q are the inaugural Q-series keyboards. Both the 5Q and the X50Q with European layouts (DE, UK and NO) will be available in Europe from leading retailers for €249 MSRP and €199 respectively.

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The Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-enabled, open API, RGB mechanical keyboard that helps boost productivity through dazzling performance and the industry's fastest electronics. The company has created the X50Q as a crossover keyboard desginedto draw in gamers and professionals, One of the things listed that seems interesting is that each Das Keyboard Q Series device, the user can color code keys to display customized alerts with things like notifications of when someone tweets or other social media posts, sports teams scoring, weather updates nd stock market activity.

"Since the Das Keyboard 5Q and X50Q are cloud-connected, users are able to do things they've never been able to do with a traditional input-only keyboard, receiving streaming information right there at their fingertips means individuals are able to be more productive whenever they're at their computers-whether a professional navigating the workday, or a gamer dominating their opponents."

Daniel Guermeur - founder and CEO of Das Keyboard.

The keyboard packs the all new Gamma Zulu switch which is available exclusively from Das Keyboard. Made by Omron, one of the most well known names in mechanical switches.  Das has called the switches the modern best-in-class, soft tactile key switch that provides users with faster, effortless typing and gaming sessions. Das Keyboard's Gamma Zulu switches have a 1.5mm actuation point, a total travel of 3.5 mm and can withstand an unsurpassed 100 million actuations-100 percent more durable than other standard mechanical switches.


Finally Das has included the specifications and explaination of the software which I will be leaving below.

The Das Keyboard Q series has a connected software suite called Das Keyboard Q Software. It connects to IFTTT and Zapier to light up the 5Q and X50Q keyboards with notifications-all color-coded and displayed on keys determined by the user. All notifications are available right at a user's fingertips. Since they're happening in the periphery just outside the direct field of view, users are better able to stay focused on the task at hand. The Das Keyboard Q software includes:

  • A dashboard for real-time key color visualization of information coming from the Internet into the 5Q or X50Q, made possible by IFTTT, Zapier or any other cloud applications with a public API
  • Mode illumination, which allows the 5Q's and X50Q's LEDs to be individually controlled
  • User-defined lighting profiles
  • A desktop REST API that allows programmers to directly control the light colors with their own scripts

On the hardware side, both the Das Keyboard 5Q and the Das Keyboard X50Q offer industry-leading technologies including:

  • Extra-bright RGB backlighting electronics called Das Keyboard RGB+, along with custom surface-mount LEDs, optimized lens and ultra-clear light guide-making the 5Q keyboard many times brighter than any other RGB keyboard currently on the market
  • A 'Q button' for activating the Das Keyboard Q software, and also acts as a volume knob
  • Dedicated media keys located on the upper right corner
  • An extra set of silver keycaps for WASD (X50Q only)
  • Real-Time One (RTO) analog technology detects key presses in 0.4 milliseconds and reports it to the computer within 1 millisecond-up to 45 times faster than other keyboards (5Q only)
  • A full-size keyboard with a removable, customizable and swappable top plate design (X50Q only)

Pricing And Availability

and are now available for purchase for $249 MSRP and $199 respectively at daskeyboard and leading online retailers. Both the 5Q and the X50Q with European layouts (DE, UK and NO) will be available in Europe from leading retailers for €249 MSRP and €199 respectively.

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