Darewise’s SpatialOS Powered MMO Is Project C, A Massive Hostile Persistent Sci-Fi World


You might remember a few weeks ago that we reported on Darewise Entertainment's partnership with Improbable. The Paris-based studio announced that it would use the SpatialOS technology to power its next MMO projects.

Today, Darewise revealed the first title, codenamed Project C. According to the press release, this will be a game where players are invited to explore, conquer and dominate a "massive hostile persistent sci-fi world". Set in a single shard virtual world, Project C puts an emphasis on emergent and memorable gameplay moments.

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Darewise promised that the story will be continuously updated with new chapters while the world itself comes alive thanks to a "fully simulated ecosystem of creatures and resources in which player choices make permanent changes". This specific part is clearly based on SpatialOS technology.

Development of Project C is spearheaded by Viktor Antonov, the renowned art director behind Half-Life 2 and Dishonored, and Thief designer Randy Smith.

Other prominent developers involved include founder and CEO Benjamin Charbit (Assassin’s Creed), executive producer Vincent Marty (Ghost Recon, Might & Magic), lead artist Bradley Jeansonne (Call of Duty, DOOM, Halo), system designer Rémy Boicherot (Mafia), lead programmer Aurélien Caussin (Ghost Recon) and technical director Samuel Kahn (The Division, Ghost Recon). The studio is also currently recruiting and you can find available spots here.

Benjamin Charbit (Darewise CEO) said:

Darewise has evolved, over the last year, from a publisher outsourcing the development of mid-tier games to a more traditional game development studio. We’re now maximizing the tremendous expertise across the team to produce our own AAA-level games, and develop major IPs.

Project C is the first step of this ambitious journey, to become a quality-first independent company, competing in the AAA field with truly innovative experiences. Our inspiration comes from companies such as Pixar or Bungie, who have been committed to quality and amazing company culture since day one.