No CyanogenMod support for Galaxy S 4


Team Hacksung, already responsible for posting CyanogenMod ROM to the Galaxy Note, Note2, S2, S3 and Samsung Tablets, has proclaimed that they do not plan on buying or developing for the Galaxy S 4. Their primary grievance seems to be with Samsung's lack of appreciation for the dev community, visible via its lack of openness when it comes to releasing source code for its processors. There are always a few factors that were kept from being made public, for reasons best known to Samsung. Their case in point here is that of Camera related bugs on the Galaxy S 3. With close to no support from Samsung in terms of drivers or actual source, the CyanogenMod team had to go through hell in order to quash bugs related to the phone's camera, for their ROM. And they were still not able to mitigate all of the errors.

While, I do not believe that this decision by the CyanogenMod team will have any adverse affect on the sales of the Galaxy S4. It's important to note that Samsung is not entirely known for being hasty with bringing ROM updates to its product line up. And many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of users of Samsung's Galaxy products use a variety of methods for updating their smartphones and tablets to the latest version of Android operating system. It will therefore be very unfortunate, should the Galaxy S4 users be unable to do the same. With the CyanogenMod team pulling out, there is a very real possibility of them waiting for months at end, in order to get the latest version of Android OS, topped with Samsung's TouchWiz.

What do you, users, have to say about this development? Is Samsung right in keeping some aspects of its source code for Galaxy devices, secret?