Crytek’s Next AAA Project Could Be a Sandbox First Person Shooter

Crysis Remastered

With Hunt: Showdown and Crysis Remastered both released last year, Crytek is most assuredly working on a new project, and now we might have an inkling of what that could be thanks to some new career openings posted on the company's website.

There are ten openings in Crytek's Frankfurt HQ dedicated to an 'unannounced AAA project', and the Game Designer job listing has 'deep passion for gaming, preferably FPS sandbox games' listed as a requirement.

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We are looking for a passionate and experienced Game Designer to work on an unannounced AAA project in our Frankfurt, Germany based studio.
As a Game Designer, you will be responsible for developing game concepts and systems that fulfill the vision of the Game Director and the Lead Game Designer.
You will work closely with people from other departments such as System Design and UI to design and implement the needed features to create the desired gameplay experience.
  • 2+ years as a Game Designer in the video games industry.
  • 1 or more shipped AAA titles on PC or Console, preferably a FPS.
  • Strong knowledge of the principles of game design theory.
  • Strong documentation skills.
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Ability to create high level design documentation and game concepts.
  • Deep passion for gaming, preferably FPS sandbox games.

This is certainly an interesting tease for Crysis fans, as the flagship IP of Crytek initially made a name for itself as a sandbox first-person shooter game, while the second and third installments switched focus to more linear gameplay.

Could Crytek be working on a Crysis 4, so to speak, or would it be another intellectual property? Stay tuned on Wccftech and we'll keep you in the know when it comes to all of the latest rumors, leaks, and official news on the matter.

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