Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch 1.3.0 Update Adds New Gyro Aim Options and More

Crysis Remastered

A new Crysis Remastered update has gone live for Nintendo Switch, introducing new options to the game.

The Crysis Remastered 1.0.3 update introduces new gyro aim options that let players invert controls and change their sensitivity. The update also fixes a minor bug.

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  • Players can now adjust gyro aim sensitivity
  • Players can now invert gyro aim controls
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a crash if player’s username contained special characters

Crysis Remastered has been released on Nintendo Switch last month. Developed in collaboration with Saber Interactive, the team behind the excellent The Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch port, the game comes with some improvements over the original release. As far as content goes, Crysis Remastered is not any different from the original game, featuring all of the main game content as well as the additional content released as DLC.

In Crysis 1, what begins as a simple rescue mission becomes the battleground of a new war as alien invaders swarm over a North Korean island chain. Armed with a powerful Nanosuit, players can become invisible to stalk enemy patrols, or boost strength to lay waste to vehicles. The Nanosuit’s speed, strength, armor, and cloaking allow creative solutions for every kind of fight, while a huge arsenal of modular weaponry provides unprecedented control over play style. In the ever-changing environment, adapt tactics and gear to dominate your enemies, in an enormous sandbox world.

Crysis Remastered is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide. The game will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on a yet to be confirmed release date, after having been delayed due to the poor reception of the first screenshots and trailer.

Your passion for the Crysis franchise deserves an undeniably high-quality game, and we are committed to delivering just that. To ensure we meet that commitment, we will need to delay the launch date (all platforms) and trailer premiere by a few weeks. Because they already started, pre-orders for Switch will stay open, but pre-orders for all other platforms will be delayed as well.

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