Crysis 2 WILL perform better on PS3 compared to XBOX!

Well if it isn't stating the obvious, Crysis 2 a long awaited sequel to the once PC exclusive game Crysis has now gone multiplatform along with a PC release!

Crytek has promised that the graphics will be the same no matter which console you use but that may not be true, the PS3 has a much superior GPU and CPU compared to that of the XBOX 360, games like Grand theft auto 4 even look better on the PS3 because they are given more visually enhancing details like Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering, this is where the PS3 shines above the XBOX 360.

"We haven't found it more difficult to develop for PS3," Crytek's business development boss Carl Jones told PSM3, according to CVG. "We're lucky in the fact that we've come to the generation slightly later than other people - the ones who were trying to build the first technology and games were surprised at how different the PS3 was. We took our time and worked out the right way to approach it."

"At the moment, we're getting slightly more performance from PS3 compared to 360," Jones said. "I'm very confident that products using CryEngine 3 are going to come out as the best looking, or at least in the top three, on every platform."

Sony is already planning on integrating 3-D gaming to their console via an upcoming firmware upgrade and have even talked about adding in 3-D blu ray movie support (it looks like Sony is giving Microsoft a run for its money in the race for 3-D gaming) I can't wait to see what Crysis 2 will look like in 3-D.

Source:  Toms Guide

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