No Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch?

An extract from the source delivers the bitter truth:

Apparently, in the MyCrysis forums one of the forum moderators was quick to address the situation. Cry-Tom is quoted as saying, “No patch was ever confirmed.” Later on in his posting he reminds players that, “When there are any big announcements regarding Crysis 2 they will be posted on, and if you don’t see it on then it isn’t genuine.”

But if I wasn't mistaken wasn't this game told to support DirectX 11 back in January by Nvidia? could this mean that Crytek ONLY developed the DirectX 9 version and not even think of developing a DirectX 10 / 11 version? God Damn it Crytek I thought you said you were loyal to the PC community?!

Could this all be a joke? Wasn't the whole hype surrounding Crysis 2 the fact that it had superb graphics with DirectX 11 support? People were excited when they heard news of a DirectX 11 patch which never showed so could this all be a clever ruse? I mean according to Destructoid the highest sales of Crysis 2 came on the 360 with 57%, PS3 with 29% and the PC with a meager 14% could this mean that Crytek was only showing the whole PC dedication as a marketing gimmick? Could there really be a DirectX 11 patch support in the future of this game?

I mean even Crysis 1 had DirectX 10 support, Crysis 2 just comes with DirectX 9 for God's sake which is an AGED technology but still marvelous. But even DirectX 10 support would have been great for this game no?

I could be wrong and Crytek might be working on a DirectX 11 patch but if this is so then why isn't there an official word yet from Crytek on the date or any sort of detail regarding the patch or if it is even in the cards?

Source: Fudzilla

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