What Crysis 2 will look like with DirectX 11 patch

Rizwan Anwer

A series of GIF images will help enlighten you on the benefits of Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch, Read more to see the other images

That's right folks THIS is what Crysis 2 will look like once Crytek releases the DirectX 11 Patch to the public, this patch is of course PC exclusive and since this update mostly adds DirectX 11 XBL and PSN players will not have to download an update.

Since all the images are gif you can open them in a new window to see the animation :). As you can see the changes won't be that significant unless you are a hardcore graphics observer, the average player may not be able to discern the differences between DirectX 11 and 9 while blindly playing through the game, you will have to stop and smell the roses (stop and admire the beauty) to see the real changes made in the game. It has been said that DirectX 11 will also feature improved performance now this is something I gotta see, I am really curious on how cards like the 460GTX and other cards will be able to deal with Crysis 2 under DirectX 11.

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