A Crysis 2 Comparison on PC and Xbox 360.


Here are some video Comparisons of Crysis 2 taken at the Eurogamer Expo 2010. You can check out the videos below to see the comparison of both the PC version of the game and Xbox 360 version. Although the comparisons are set in different locations in the game but still give an idea of the level of performance and gameplay to be witnessed on both the platforms.

Crysis 2 PC:

As you can see the PC version shows a weird compiling shader' error at the start of the video but there are no lags and performance issues with it. The gameplay is smooth and no bugs or stuff come in the video. One thing to be noticed are the Xbox 360 controls which show up on the HUD during in-game while switching weapons. The visuals look great too and this is the same level which was demoed in the E3 presentation of Crysis.

Crysis 2 XBOX 360:

Now moving on the Xbox 360. The game is set outside and ends up inside a building. During the run there are couple of random glitches and lags which can be noticed while seeing the video, The Draw distance is lower and objects appear and dissapper at random, The picture quality of the video itself is bad but still clearly shows that the frame rate would be horrible with this game like around the same as witnessed by PC gamers when Crysis 1 was released. :p