Cray/Fujitsu Partnership Drives Exascale Supercomputing

Alexander Buck

The world’s leading supercomputer designer and manufacturer has partnered with information technology oriented Fujitsu to provide advancements to the High Performance Compute (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence segments. Cray and Fujitsu’s partnership will enable Fujitsu to bring their A64FX to the commercial market.

Cray/Fujitsu - First Commercial Supercomputer Powered by Fujitsu’s A64FX

Crazy’s newest supercomputer is powered by Fujitsu’s ARM-based A64FX. The A64FX is the first processor to support both High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) enabling transfer speeds greater than 1TB/s and ARM Scalable Vector Extensions for AI acceleration simultaneously. The A64FX will be supported on Cray’s advanced CS500 supercomputer platform and will allow deployment of HPC and AI-focused systems.

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Fujitsu A64FX
Fujitsu A64FX Diagram

The ARM Advantage

The advantages of an ARM-based system includes high parallelization, increased efficiency and lower power consumption, and increased reliability due to simpler design over x86 solutions. These benefits come primarily from ARM’s RISC design versus the CISC design of x86. Chris Bergey, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ARM explains the significance of Cray and Fujitsu’s collaboration.

As the Arm Neoverse ecosystem continues to expand, we're seeing growing demand for the performance and innovation Arm-based processors deliver.

Fujitsu and Cray have leveraged this innovation and achieved a significant milestone being the first high-bandwidth memory supercomputing system in market, and Arm is proud to be part of it.

A64FX & ARM Adoption

A number of entities have shown interest in Cray and Fujitsu’s collaboration.

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • RIKEN Center for Computational Science
  • Stony Brook University
  • University of Bristol

Fred Kohout, Senior Vice President and CMO at Cray:

Our partnership with Fujitsu means customers now have a broader choice of processor technology to address their pressing computational needs. We are delivering the development-to-deployment experience customers have come to expect from Cray, including exploratory development to the Cray Programming Environment (CPE) for ARM processors to optimize performance and scalability with additional support for Scalable Vector Extensions and high bandwidth memory.

The Cray/Fujitsu supercomputer variant is expected to become available by mid-2020.

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