Cooler Master Announces HAF 912 Plus Case.

A day after Cooler Master revealed its HAF 912 Case, It has also announced the Upscale Variant of the case named the HAF 912 Plus Case. The Plus comes with same dimensions and weight except it adds some new features to the case. A E-SATA port is included on the front panel and most of the case now includes a toll free design which includes Thumbscrews.

A all Black Interior is what i really loved to see in the PLUS case, And also the case includes 2x 200mm case fans, One on the top and One Red-Led Lit fan on the Front. Keep in mind that the Stock model comes with No fan on the top and includes 2x 1200mm fans. The Expansion slots of the HAF 912 Plus include small vents so that hot air can be ventilated outside the case. The HAF 912 is priced for 79$ which is 20$ more than the base model.

One more model of the HAF 912 Plus has been unveiled which includes a See through side panel and lets you add a 120mm on the side.


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