Convert iPhone 6s Live Photo Into A GIF – How To Tutorial


Here's how you can convert an iPhone 6s Live Photo image into a GIF in a few easy steps.

iPhone 6s live photos

Live Photos is a great addition to the iPhone lineup, as it adds an extra lease of life to your already amazing shot, by recording a 3-second video alongside the snap you're taking. Simply launch the Photos app, press down hard on the display and your saved image comes to life. Absolutely brilliant.

But of course, Live Photos don't really cut the mustard at times, and you would want to make do with a GIF instead, especially when it comes to sharing with others. So in today's guide, we'll show you how you can turn the 'video' part of a Live Photo into an animated GIF. The steps might seem a little painful to follow at first, but once you wrap your head around it, you'll be a pro in no time.

Convert iPhone 6s Live Photo Into A GIF

1. Connect your iPhone 6s to your Mac or Windows PC.

2. Launch 'Image Capture' if you're on a Mac, or 'Photos' if you're using Windows.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.21.20 AM

3. Over here you'll notice that along with each Live Photo there is a 3-second video clip in MOV format. Simply save all the videos you wish to convert to a GIF straight to your desktop.

4. At this point, you can use a number of services or apps that can convert an MOV file to a GIF. We recommend doing a quick search online and see which service grabs your attention the most. There are literally hundreds of services, pick any one of them.

That's it, once you've chosen your service and saved the GIF to your desktop, simply email it to yourself and share it with other people using the medium of your choice.

The connecting-your-iPhone-6s-to-your-computer is probably the toughest part in the entire guide as it can get frustrating at times. But we're quite certain that with the passage of time, that annoyance will also go away, with developers expected to release apps that do all the legwork on-device without us having to go through all the trouble.

If you're a developer reading this, you know what to do!

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