Containment Game Event Comes to Rainbow Six Siege Tomorrow, Inspired by Extraction; Siege Will Also Be Free from August 13th to 15th


A new limited-time event titled Containment is coming to Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow, running for three weeks (until August 24th) on all platforms.

It's inspired by the upcoming cooperative game Rainbow Six Extraction, which Ubisoft recently delayed to early 2022. Players will find a reworked version of the Consulate map overruled by the Chimera Parasite.

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This event offers a tease into the world of Extraction in Rainbow Six Siege, where a team of REACT agents (attackers) will intervene to destroy Nests and will face a team of Proteans, a deadly Archæan variant that can adopt the form of REACT operators (defenders) and attempt to mimic their behavior with maximum speed and with melee attacks only. Defenders will be provided with additional Health, Aruni’s Punch, and Oryx’s special abilities, but will be weaponless for the whole game. Attackers will have a standard loadout without modifiers and only have access to a reduced Operators selection.

Containment will introduce a new game mode, Nest Destruction, that will have players fight over a Nest. On one hand, attackers will be given a two-tiered objective scenario: destroy the nest to open the final objective and win the round. On the other hand, to be the victorious ones, defenders will have to rely on melee attacks and Oryx’s Ramah Dash to stop their opponents. Of course, there is always a last solution to secure the win – players can rely on the old but efficient way: get rid of the opposing team entirely.

The Containment event comes with its own collection of 33 unique items for Rainbow Six Siege operators including IQ, Ace, Blackbeard, Amaru and Zero on the attacking side, and Aruni, Jager, Kaid, Mira and Warden on the defending team. The collection includes headgear, uniforms, and weapon skins. Each operator’s exclusive, time-limited customisation items are available for purchase as Bundles in the Shop section for 1680 R6 credits or via the Containment Packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Renown.

Rainbow Six Siege will also be free to play on all platforms between August 13th and 15th. Additionally, during that weekend, players will get to earn twice as many bonus Battle Pass points.