Confirmed: Anonymous was behind Recent Sony Attacks

Sony has confirmed that it has discovered a file that made clear reference to the Anonymous hacking group while searching through the recent security network breach. The hacking group is supposedly behind the recent attacks which hacked PSN (PlayStation Network) and SOE (Sony Online Entertainment).

A letter to the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday by Sony said that a file named "Anonymous" containing the words “We Are Legion,” was left behind by the group to make clear that they were the ones behind the recent hacking attempts.

The recent attacks shutdown the PSN Network from 20th April and still not back up yet while seizing information on 24.6 million users, as well as 20,000 credit card and bank account numbers and users account details from Sony Database. The Credit Cards were up on sale by the hackers after the attack on different credit card selling sites.

However, Sony still cant confirm if the group was behind the PSN attack but they did noted that both breaches took place in the same time frame, which also corresponded with a denial-of-service campaign launched by Anonymous in retaliation for Sony’s lawsuit against PlayStation tinkerer George Hotz.

Sony announced to compensate its users with free PlayStation Plus subscription and games. More here.


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