Get The Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle For A Massive 87% Discount And Become A Professional In No Time

Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle

You missed out on college? Are you worried about getting a good job without a college degree? Don’t worry, we have something just for you. IT is a field that you will succeed in, no matter where you look. The world is becoming highly dependent on technology and it will definitely not hurt you to try your hand at some IT related skills. Avail this awesome discount offer on the Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle and become an expert in no time at all.

Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle features

The Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle offers curriculum based courses that will help you become a professional within a few days. The bundle includes 6 courses and with each course you will learn something new. Here are highlights of what the discount offer holds for you:

  • DevoOps Cloud Engineering
    Take Your DevOps Knowledge to the Cloud with Azure, AKS & More
  • DevOps Tools of the Trade: Part 2
    Finish Your DevOps Tool Belt with a Look at Jenkins & Kubernetes
  • DevOps Tools of the Trade: Part 1
    Start Mastering the Tools DevOps Pros Use with a Look at Ansible, Chef & More
  • DevOps Scripting Basics
    Dive into Scripting with Bash, Python & Ruby
  • DevOps Foundation
    Kickstart Your Journey to a Six-Figure DevOps Career with This Foundational Primer
  • DevOps Monitoring
    Complete Your DevOps E-Degree with a Final Exam & Project

The bundle has been brought to you by Eduonix learning solutions. They are known for providing world class training and skill development courses to people passionate about learning. They aim to provide people with affordable and easy learning solutions. The courses are extremely easy to understand and you won’t have any issues with them. Even if you didn’t go to college, Edunoix has your back at all times.
Avail this amazing 87% discount today. Happy Shopping!

Original Price Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle: $199
Wccftech Discount Price Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle: $25

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