Clear Messages History And Attachments In Mac OS X – How To Guide


Here's how you can delete (clear history) all messages and attachments from Messages app in one go on Mac OS X.

Ever since Apple brought the Messages app to the Mac, the routine of sending instant messaging between iOS and OS X users have exploded, with people making use of the app / service on a daily basis. But as we keep on sending those messages, we are bound to pile up junk in the Messages app which can be cumbersome to get rid off, especially if you're a serial chatterbox. But fear not, we're here to help, and will show you in a simple guide today how you can delete every single message thread (clear history) in the OS X Messages app in one go, and also delete attachments, such as images and videos, subsequently freeing up space on your Mac.

All set? Let's dive right into it!

Clear Messages App History And Delete Attachments In Mac OS X

There are two routes you can take to delete all messages and attachments in the Messages app. But we'll only be talking about the simplest one that involves copying a command string and pasting it in Terminal.

1. Open Spotlight or Launchpad and launch the 'Terminal' app.

2. Copy this command string by highlighting it:

rm -r ~/Library/Messages/chat.*

The above command will erase all messages history in the Messages app.

3. Paste it in Terminal and hit the 'Return' key on your keyboard.

4. Now copy this command string and paste it in Terminal as well, then hit the 'Return' key:

rm -r ~/Library/Messages/Attachments/??

The above command will erase all attachments from the Messages app.

Once done, we recommend that you give your Mac a restart and then launch the Messages app. You'll be presented with a fresh sight which looks a lot like this:

With the Messages app history all cleared up, you are set to start all fresh without having to go through the trouble of deleting every single thread individually. And since you've deleted attachments as well, this means that you've managed to free up a handful of space on your Mac. This is extremely handy if you happen to have a base model Mac with a small storage medium, such as a 128GB MacBook Air.

If you found the above guide useful, then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below.

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