Civilization VI Update Adds New Historic Moments, Tweaks Diplomacy and Civ Balance

Today Civilization VI gets its biggest update since the release of the Rise of Fall expansion back in February. The update includes a heaping handful of new historic moments, additional diplomatic options for Joint Wars, and a whole whack of balance changes for governors, government policies, and individual civs. Specifically, the English, Koreans, Norwegians, Japanese, Georgians, and Mapuche are all receiving buffs. You can check out a video breakdown of the update, below.

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Here’s are the patch notes for the Civilization VI spring update:


Joint Wars/Third Party War Update

  • Players can now ask other players or AI to join wars they are already in.
  • Trade screen allows Casus Belli to be chosen when declaring a Joint War.
  • Joint War now requires one party to have denounced the enemy for 5 turns.
  • Leader screen makes it clear that war declaration is part of a joint war.

Adding 12 new Historic Moments, focused on mid to late game.

  • First Shipwreck Excavated (+2 Era score)
  • World's First Shipwreck Excavated (+3 Era score)
  • First Aerodrome Fully Developed with all buildings (+3 Era score)
  • First Encampment Fully Developed with all buildings (+3 Era score)
  • First Entertainment Complex Fully Developed with all buildings (+3 Era score)
  • First Water Park Fully Developed with all buildings (+3 Era score)
  • First City with 25 Population (+1 Era score)
  • World's First City with 25 Population (+2 Era score)
  • First Seaside Resort (+2 Era score)
  • World's First Seaside Resort (+3 Era score)
  • National Park Founded (+3 Era score)
  • World's First National Park Founded (+4 Era score)

Game Summary Screen

  • Added 3 new graphs for Rise and Fall games; Era Score, Total Governors, and Total Governor Titles.



  • Pingala's Librarian ability now provides +15% Science and Culture in the city (was +20%).
  • Governor Magnus Groundbreaker ability reduced from +100% to +50%.

Government Balance Pass – Rise & Fall

  • Communism: Bonus Production per population from .4 to .6. Overall Production bonus from 10% to 15%.
  • Democracy: Production per district from 2 to 1.
  • Fascism: Combat Strength from 4 to 5. Bonus unit production from 20% to 50%.

Government Balance Pass – Base Game

  • Fascism: Combat Strength from 4 to 5.

Policy Rebalance:

  • Military Research gives +2 Science from Military Academies, Seaports, and Renaissance Walls (was +1 and did not include Renaissance Walls).
  • Public Transport gives 100 Gold per Appeal when replacing a Farm with a Neighborhood (was 50).
  • Ecommerce gives +2 Production and +5 Gold for all your Trade Routes (was +5 and +10 but only for international Trade Routes).

Civ Balance:

  • Victoria’s Pax Britannica ability now additionally awards a free melee class unit when constructing a Royal Navy Dockyard in a city founded on a foreign continent.
  • Lautaro's unique ability Swift Hawk has been updated to have an additional effect: Pillaging an enemy city plot now causes that city to lose 5 loyalty
  • Rebalancing Seondeok's Hwarang ability. Governors established in a city provide +3% Culture and Science for each Promotion they have earned, including their first (was +10% Culture and Science for any Governor regardless of Promotions).
  • Norwegian Berserker - Production cost reduced from 180 to 160. Combat Strength buff when attacking increased from +7 to +10. Combat Strength de-buff when defending reduced from -7 to -5.
  • Japanese Samurai – Production cost reduced from 180 to 160. Combat Strength increased from 45 to 48.
  • Georgian Khevsur – Production cost reduced from 180 to 160. Combat Strength increased from 40 to 45.


  • Made it so when somebody wins the game in the Information Era, it reset all players to be in a Normal Age and take away all Dedication bonuses. This puts everyone on a level playing field for "One More Turn" mode. (If somebody wins in an earlier era, continue the progression of eras and Ages as normal.)
  • Rebalancing Era Score of historic moments related to late game city projects:
  • Manhattan Project and Operation Ivy now worth 2 (was 1)
  • Satellite launch, Moon landing, and first Mars component are now worth 4 if world first and 2 otherwise (was 1 in both cases)
  • Monasticism dark policy now provides +75% Science in cities with Holy Sites (was +100%).

Map Generation:

  • Made Turtles Luxury Resource more common.


  • Religion can now affect the Loyalty of a city. For players who founded a religion, cities get +3 Loyalty for following that religion, but -3 Loyalty per turn if following another player's religion.
  • Updated Foreign Ministry (Government building): Unit combat bonus now applies to City-State units even when they are not levied.
  • Number of envoys received from Liberating City-States is boosted as you progress through the game.
  • Commandos’ Melee unit promotion now grants +1 movement

Moddability Updates

  • Governors and Governor Promotions now use 'Promotion Sets' which allows more than one governor type to be associated with a promotion and vice versa

Seems like a solid update – the changes to Joint Wars are definitely appreciated, and I like that religion now has an effect on loyalty (I mean, it only makes sense). Also, more turtles on the map! Very crucial.

If you need to know about every minor bug fix included in the Civilization VI spring update, you can check out the complete patch notes, right here.

Civilization VI is available now on PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is also available on iOS, but that version is receiving new content and updates on a delay.

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