Civilization VI Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year, Includes 4 DLC Packs, Wireless Play

Nathan Birch

One of the greatest strategy franchises of all time is marching onto the Nintendo Switch. Earlier today the official Civilization VI website revealed a Switch version was on the way this year, but the announcement page was quickly and mysteriously pulled down. It’s likely Civ VI for Switch was going to be announced during this week’s planned Nintendo Direct, which has been delayed due to the earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan. It seems somebody didn’t get the memo on the delay, or just accidentally hit the publish button.

The Switch version of the Civilization VI will include four-player local wireless multiplayer, all the latest updates, and four DLC packs, specially the Viking, Poland, Australia, and Persia and Macedon packs. These packs include a variety of different scenarios…

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“Civilization VI for  Nintendo Switch includes four playable scenarios, each with a different setting and style of gameplay inspired by history. Be part of the colonization of Australia in 'Outback Tycoon,' defend Poland from invaders in 'Jadwiga's Legacy' choose a Viking leader to plunder Europe in 'Vikings, Raiders, and Traders,' or conquer the known world in the 'Conquests of Alexander.'”

No word yet on who’s developing Civilization VI for Switch or if any other exclusive features will be included. 2K Games released the game for iPad late last year – perhaps that version will be the basis of the Switch game?

For those who haven’t played the game, Civilization VI is an excellent, and surprisingly ambitious, revamp of the classic series. Wccftech’s Chris Wray certainly enjoyed it

“Civilization VI is the pinnacle of the series. It's featured huge, sweeping changes, and nothing was left out. Everything has found a purpose, they all work together in tandem but also have a reason to stand alone. Only slight AI issues can be found here, but nothing every other 4X or Grand Strategy game hasn't encountered on a worse level. Civilization VI is, frankly, the best 4X strategy game in the world.”

Civilization VI conquers the Nintendo Switch on November 16.

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