Google Says Tabs Will Load 10% Faster with the Release of Chrome 85 – Tab Groups Also Coming

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Google has today revealed a number of Chrome improvements that will help the browser increase your productivity. The browser is notable for its battery and performance hogging abilities, which often result in sluggish performance especially if you are someone who is a fan of "checking later" and keeping hundreds of tabs open.

The improvements are coming thanks to an increased focus on software-enabled productivity as more people are pushed to work from home. "These days, people are spending a lot of time in their browsers to get things done, whether for work, school or something else," Alex Ainslie, Chrome's Director of UX, wrote in a blog post.

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"And while some write out a formal to-do list to keep track of tasks, for others, their to-do list is their tabs in Chrome. However you get things done, we want Chrome to help you be more productive."

Ainslie added that even a few seconds delay can slow you down when you are moving between tabs. But thanks to some under-the-hood performance improvements, your browser tabs will load much faster. These under-the-hood performance improvements include Profile Guided Optimization and Tab Throttling (more here).

From the very beginning, we built Chrome to be the fastest browser possible. The faster Chrome is, the faster you find the information you want or finish the task you need to do. With M85, users will find a noticeably faster Chrome, thanks to our two latest improvements: Profile Guided Optimization, which delivers up to 10% faster page loads; and Tab Throttling, which helps reduce the impact of idle background tabs, coming to the Beta channel.

Google Chrome 85 brings several other improvements too

Not only is Google aiming to make Chrome faster with the upcoming update, it's also planning quite a list of new features, including a Microsoft Edge-inspired group tabs feature. Apparently, this was the most popular feature request the team received.

"Tab groups help you visually distinguish your tabs by topic or task - like work or shopping - or even priority," the company explains. "Now you can collapse and expand your tab groups, so it's easier to see the ones you need to access."

Other features planned for gradual rollout include:

  • Touch-friendly tabs for tablet mode
  • Switch to an already-open tab (for Android)
  • Find your tab faster with tab previews (thumbnail preview of the page)
  • Fill out and save PDFs in Chrome
  • Easier URL sharing (for Android)
Already open tab

Chrome 85 is available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. The company said that the priority is to keep Chrome stable, so the new features would take some time before they are rolled out for every browser.

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