Cherry Announces the KC 4500 ERGO Keyboard

Evan Federowicz
KC 4500 ERGO
Source: Cherry

Cherry has launched the KC 4500 ERGO Keyboard, which is designed to reduce any potential strain on your hands or shoulders. This keyboard is suited for both in-office use or at-home use, thanks to the unique design, which has been designed with typing and hands in mind. This keyboard features a black color scheme and features multimedia function keys to help optimize daily work. The KC 4500 ERGO Keyboard is currently available with the recommended retail price of $45.

The Cherry KC 4500 ERGO keyboard features an ergonomic design with a black color scheme, and this keyboard is currently available for $45

The Cherry KC 4500 ERGO keyboard has been designed with hands, and this keyboard features a black color scheme. This black color scheme ensures that this keyboard will easily fit into that setup no matter your gaming or home office color scheme. The design of this keyboard features a tilt to keys, and the space in the center of the keyboard ensures that the hands significantly reduce any hand strain.

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Source: Cherry

The keyboard features three feet which allow the user to raise the front of the keyboard, and this raised keyboard is particularly comfortable when typing for long hours in the standing position. The three rubber feet also prevent the keyboard from slipping or moving during the long hours of typing. This keyboard also comes with an integrated wrist wrest that follows the keyboard's curvature, allowing for significantly more comfort when typing.

Source: Cherry

This keyboard also features an extra-long USB cable, and this extra-long cable ensures that even if your computer is on the ground and you're in a standing position, the keyboard will still connect. The Cherry KC 4500 ERGO keyboard is ready to begin typing as soon as it is connected to the PC; no additional software is required.

The Cherry KC 4500 ERGO keyboard has a multimedia function, including volume up/down/off, next/previous track, start/pause, built into the F-keys. These keys and functions can be easily changed and customized using the free CHERRY KEYS software, and this software allows quick access to apps, files, individual text modules, or macros at the touch of a key.

The Cherry KC 4500 ERGO keyboard is currently available at the recommended retail price of $45.

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