Cherry Announces the Wireless Stream Desktop Combo

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Stream Desktop Combo
Source: Cherry

Cherry has introduced the Stream Desktop Combo featuring a wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and this new set is perfect for use in an office, home office, or casual usage. This keyboard features either a black color scheme or a white color scheme, ensuring this combo fits into nearly any PC setup. The Stream Desktop Combo is currently available with a price tag of $63.24.

The Stream Desktop Combo features a uniform design across the Keyboard and Mouse, connecting wirelessly to your computer

The Stream Desktop Combo offers a design that would fit into any office or be ideal for a home office. This design is showcased in the simple yet fantastic layout, which is continued from the keyboard to the included mouse. Cherry developed the accompanying mouser to ensure that it matches the aesthetics and durability, which has been showcased by the keyboard. This combo connects to the computer wirelessly, which allows for a more minimalistic design but allows for an incredibly stable connection to the computer. This wireless connectivity features a range of up to ten meters.

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Stream Desktop Combo
Stream Desktop Combo

The Keyboard features Cherry's SX scissor technology, which may cause some gamers to ignore this gaming setup, but this technology is designed to create very little noise and precise pressure points. These features make this keyboard perfect for users who type on the computer for a considerable amount of time.

Source: Cherry


The included mouse called the Steam mouse features six buttons and a 3-position adjustable DPI switch. The three-position adjustable DPI switch cycles between 1,000 DPI, 1,600 DPI, and a maximum of 2,400 DPI. The switches utilized in this mouse offer a much quieter sound than other computer mice; the Cherry Silent switches ensure that even the heaviest clicks are quiet. This desire to keep the noise significantly lower than other keyboard and mouse combos make this a perfect choice for a medium to a large office environment. Simultaneously, the layout and design ensure a comfortable typing experience even if typing for hours at a time.

The Stream Desktop Combo is currently available through Cherry's website, in either a black color scheme or a white color scheme, with a price of €54.99, or roughly $64.

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