How to Change iPhone Ringtone – iOS Tips & Tricks 101


Here's how you can change iPhone ringtone in a few easy steps. This guide will also teach you how to change the vibration pattern.

Change iPhone Ringtone & Vibration Pattern to Better Suit Your Needs

So you got yourself a new iPhone. The first few months are going to be plain and simple with everything sitting at stock settings, after which you will prefer to mold things your own way. From the wallpaper to the ringtone, everything is going to be set the way you want it be.

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The latter is something which many people prefer to be customized according to their taste. Why? Because a simple jingle for an incoming call doesn't cut the mustard in most cases. Hence, at times, an old-school style phone ring gets the job done more efficiently since it's more audible than everything else. So, if you are going to change your iPhone's ringtone, we will show you how to do it the right way.

Change iPhone Ringtone

1. Pick up your iPhone and open the Settings app.

2. Scroll down to Sounds & Haptics and tap on it.

3. Under the Sounds And Vibration Patterns section, you will see an entry labelled Ringtone. Tap to open it up.

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4. Over here you will see a list of all the sounds which you can use as a ringtone. Select the one which is most pleasing to you. Also, tapping on any ringtone will immediately play a preview.

5. Once you have selected the ringtone, tap on Vibration at the top.

6. Select the vibration pattern that will go along with your ringtone. Remember, if you can't find a good enough vibration, you have the option to create your own. Tap on the Create New Vibration option at the bottom. If you are not fond of vibrations when a call comes in, simply select the None option.

7. Once everything is set, just close down the Settings app and you are good to go.

Note: If you are receiving a call and notice that the vibration is not playing along with the ringtone, then navigate to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and make sure the Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent toggle switches are turned ON.

Downloading New Ringtones from iTunes Store

There is a slight chance that you might not end up liking the ringtones that are available by default. If that is the case, then launch the iTunes Store app on your iPhone, and head over to the Tones section. Here you will see a bunch of great options. But keep one thing in mind: they are not free and can be priced as high as $1.29 apiece.

Wrap Up

Personally, I would highly recommend setting a vibrating pattern that is extremely persistent. In a lot of cases, especially in a loud environment, missing to hear a ringtone is extremely commonplace. But, with a strong vibrating pattern, things can easily be felt.

It's best to play around with the right combination of ringtones and vibrations before you sign things off. There are a lot of ways one can conjure up a recipe which might feel just right.

In all honesty, the out of the box setting is absolutely perfect. But your choice may vary.