How To Change Default Web Browser In Mac OS X


Safari not working out for you in Mac OS X? Here's how you can change the default Web browser to something meaningful like Chrome.

Change The Default Web Browser In Mac OS X In A Few Easy Steps

While Safari gets the work done on OS X for a lot of users, but it lacks a lot of features which others promptly offer, including performance enhancements and timely updates. If that's the case for you, and are willing to switch your default Web browser to something else such as Chrome or Firefox from Safari, then follow the simple steps outlined below.

1. Provided that you have a third-party, alternative Web browser installed on your Mac, launch System Preferences.

2. You'll see a bunch of different options, click on the one that says 'General.'

3. See the option that says 'Default web browser?' Click on the drop-down menu next to it and select your browser which you would like to use as default. If there are multiple browsers installed on your Mac, you'll see all of them in the menu. Select the most appropriate one.


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 6.51.21 PMThat's it, you're done. From here on in, OS X will treat your selected Web browser as the default one instead of Safari. If you've selected Chrome, for instance, then OS X will open each and every single clicked link in Big G's Web browser.

There are lot of advantages when it comes to using third-party Web browsers instead of Safari. And if you're looking for a couple of big reasons to jump ship, then features like free VPN in Opera, or Google's massive extension library for Chrome might float your boat. And while many like to surf the Web in the most vanilla fashion ever, but there are times certain features take the entire experience to a whole new level. For instance, Google's amazing sync feature makes sure that your tabs are synced across all of your devices including Android, unlike Safari, which works on Apple gadgets only. But still, we're sure you might find other reasons to choose a third-party browser instead of Safari like how we did, and there are literally reasons that expand a list of more than a hundred if you look close enough.

If you do not use Safari as your default Web browser then be sure to let us know which one do you use instead. And oh, if you found today's guide helpful, then do not forget to drop us a comment below.

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