Champions Online to go free to play, next year.


Many popular MMORPG games are going free to play to encourage more users to join the MMO world, Dungeons and Dragons Online was the first to do so, followed the The Lord of the Rings Online, and now Champions Online is the next game to do so but unfortunately they are going to take their sweet time in doing so, and by sweet I mean a whole year. But hey something is always better than nothing no?

If you are not a fan of warlocks, mages, warriors and other such RPG classes then why not be your super hero and villain instead?

Champions Online is a COMPLETELY unique MMORPG, you can create your own super hero / super villain and fight for justice / evil the best part is you can customize all your attributes like a typical RPG game down to deciding what super powers you want. Although the game was not very heard off the developers planning on changing that when they turn their game to open to all next year. They are starting a closed beta come November 9th, and the $14.99 / month option will still be available which WILL give a huge advantage to paying players over free players.

With so many MMORPG's slowly becoming free to play do you think Blizzard will make the move soon and make the KING of MMORPG's free to play any time soon? It would indeed be a fantastic move and it would be the indefinite end of private servers as we know it. But only time will tell if blizzard will follow suit or not.

Source: VentureBeat