CES 2021: PopSockets Unveil New MagSafe Accessories Including Grips, Mounts, and More

PopSockets MagSafe

Apple's iPhone 12 brought forward a new design with brand new features, One of the major additions is MagSafe - the company's smart way of sticking wireless chargers and accessories to the phone. The magnets inside the device are arranged in a concentric circle which allows accessories to stay attached without movements. Now, third-party accessory makers have started adopting the technology in several ways. Today, PopSockets have announced its upcoming launch of new MagSafe compatible accessories that works with the iPhone 12 series,

PopSockets Is Going MagSafe With PopGrip Slide, PopMount, PopWallet+, and More That Attaches Magnetically to Your iPhone 12 series

The accessories designed by PopSockets include three new grips, a grip wallet, and mounts. The PopGrip attaches to the iPhone 12 magnetically through MagSafe and MagSafe compatible accessories. The product will feature a no-slip rubber bottom which will reduce slipperiness. In addition to this, it will work with the PopSockets PopMount 2 phone mounts.

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Apart from this, the company also introduced the PopGrip Slide for the iPhone 12 series that attaches magnetically using sliding arms to the sides of the Apple Silicone case. The PopGrip Slide Stretch will attach mechanically to most MagSafe compatible cases. Other than this, PopSockets mentions that the two new mounts will allow users of PopSockets Grip to magnetically mount their iPhone 12 devices without the need to move the grips. Furthermore, swappable tops will be included with the mix for enhanced customization. PopSockets is making good use of Apple's MagSafe technology and how it is blending the use-case.

The PopWallet+ allows users to carry three cards. It is MagSafe compatible as well and also open to customization with an integrated grip. Mush like the rest, the PopWallet+ will attach itself magnetically with the iPhone 12 series or accessories compatible with MagSafe. Lastly. the ProMount for MagSafe accessories includes PopMount for MagSafe Multi-Surface along with PopMount for MagSafe Car Vent. Both of these will attach to the iPhone 12 devices magnetically.

That's all there is from PopSockets and its plan to launch its MagSafe accessories foe the iPhone 12 series. As for availability, PopGrip Slide will hit the shelves on March 21 and you can get it through the company's official website or Target locations. However, the PopGrip Slide and PopMount will launch later in the year.

This is all for now, folks. How did you like the new MagSafe accessories from PopSockets? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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