Century: Age of Ashes Gets a Fiery Gameplay Trailer, Second Beta, and New EA Launch Window


Get ready for some hot and heavy action, because a second closed beta for the multiplayer dragon battling game Century: Age of Ashes kicks off this week! Developer Playwing held their first beta in February, but this new one will add several new modes and improved matchmaking. You can request access to the beta via the game’s Steam page. Check out a new gameplay trailer for Century: Age of Ashes, below.

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Here are some of the new modes and features included in the second Century: Age of Ashes beta:

  • Rookie mode will be only accessible until level 10
  • Adding a Skirmish mode: a best of 5, 3v3 game mode, that will replace the Rookie mode for level 10 players and above. All the controls will be available at the start of the first round.
  • A Free Flight mode will be available. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the Dragon’s controls and play against an enemy bot.
  • Adding an MMR system to the queue to improve match balance and put players of the same level into the same games.

Haven’t been keeping up with Century: Age of Ashes? Here’s a list of the free-to-play aerial action game’s key features

  • Intense Arena Battles - Compete in intense online games and discover the fast-paced gameplay of Century: Age of Ashes! Dive into the arena alone or with friends and fight for your survival! Play three varied game modes that range from 3v3 to 6v6v6 combat in Carnage, Survival, and Raid.
  • Choose Your Class - Experience different play styles with 3 unique classes, each with their own abilities! Shield and disorient as the Windguard, track and destroy as the Marauder, or stealthily trap as the Phantom. Additional classes are planned throughout development.
  • Full Customization - Stand out on the battlefield with prestigious gear and legendary dragons that only true Dragoneers can possess! As you progress, every level gained opens up opportunities to make your class characters and dragons look unique with new customization options.

Century: Age of Ashes enters Steam Early Access in April. It will also be available via the Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store at a later date. That game's second closed beta will run from March 12 to March 21.