Halo Infinite, Icarus, and More Exciting Games Coming Out in December

Nathan Birch
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Keeping track of all the latest video games coming out is an increasingly complex task, what with multiple PC storefronts, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, mobile, and more to keep track of, but don’t worry, I’m here to help. Every month I'll be running down the games you need to be keeping an eye on, from the big triple-A headliners, to the intriguing indies you might otherwise overlook.

As is usually the case, December is mostly quiet as the industry winds down for the holidays, but we still have one more big AAA release in Halo Infinite. Things are more varied on the indie front, with DayZ creator Dean Hall’s new survival game Icarus, Castlevania-style platformer Aeterna Noctis, pollution-sucking sci-fi adventure The Gunk, and more on the way.

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Note: While I may have played demos or got early access to some of the games recommended in this article, in most cases I’m simply choosing games that look promising, and can’t vouch for the end product. Do wait for reviews before buying!

That said, here are the games you should be looking out for in December…

The Headliners

Icarus (PC, Dec. 3)

DayZ creator Dean Hall returns to the genre he helped create and popularize with Icarus, a new take on the survival genre which challenges up to 8 co-op players to stick it out on an alien planet with sessions that can last hours, days, or weeks depending on the player’s preferences. Icarus is also aiming to deliver on the technical front, offering support for DLSS, ray tracing, and NVIDIA’s new Infinite Scrolling Volumes tech that constantly updates Global Illumination lighting around the player as they explore the world. We’ll see if this one survives the competitive survival market. Pre-order the game here.

Halo Infinite (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S, Dec. 8)

After years of development and multiple delays, Halo Infinite’s single-player campaign is almost here (the game’s F2P multiplayer suite is already available). It seems like the extra time Microsoft gave 343 Industries has done Halo Infinite good, as the game is looking sharp in recent trailers and footage and impressions of the game’s new semi-open-world “wide linear” approach have been positive. Time to suit up again, Master Chief. Pre-order the game here.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (PC, PS4 & PS5, Dec. 16)

The Five Nights at Freddy’s games have certainly been successful and fun in their own right, but most of them haven’t been terribly ambitious. They’re simple games meant to elicit a few jump scares and not much more. The upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach looks to shake that up, as it’s a full-fledged 3D survival horror game that almost resembles a kid-friendly Resident Evil. Hopefully, the game can deliver both jump scares and a bit of depth. Pre-order the game here.

Promising Indies

White Shadows (PC, Xbox Series X/S & PS5, Dec. 7)

Indie puzzle platformers in which you play a child navigating a dark and dangerous world aren’t exactly rare, but the newest entry in the sub-genre, White Shadow, still deserves mention thanks to its striking black-and-white noir-ish visual style. And hey, the game’s action also looks pretty solid! Here’s the Steam page for White Shadows.

Syberia: The World Before (PC, Dec. 10)

The cult-favorite Syberia adventure game series returns for a new entry with Syberia: The World Before. The last entry in the series, Syberia 3, was a bit of a flop, but The World Before seems to have been made with a bigger budget and its story looks to represent a bit of a fresh start. Reactions to the game’s demo have been positive, so hopefully that bodes well. Here’s the Steam page for Syberia: The World Before.

Aeterna Noctis (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 & Switch, Dec. 15)

Looking for some good old-school Castlevania fun? Well, It’s hard to say if Konami will ever make another of those, but in the meantime, Aeterna Noctis may be able to scratch your itch. While it doesn’t feature any bloodsucking, Aeterna Noctis does offer up fast-paced platforming and action, plenty of exploration, and a slick 2D visual style. Yeah, there are a lot of 2D Metroidvanias out there, but there's nothing wrong with more of a good thing around the holidays. Here’s the Steam Page for Aeterna Noctis.

The Gunk (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S, Dec. 16)

The Gunk is the latest game from developer Image & Form, best known for the cult-favorite SteamWorld Dig games. The resource mining is left behind this time around, but The Gunk still offers plenty of busy work as players are tasked with cleaning up pollution in order to bring an alien world back to life. Featuring impressive graphics, this one looks to be an ambitious step forward for an underappreciated indie developer.

Full List of Games Worth Watching in December:

  • Century: Age of Ashes (PC, Dec. 2; consoles in 2022)
  • Mechajammer (PC, Dec. 2)
  • Solar Ash (PC, PS4 & PS5, Dec. 2)
  • Rubber Bandits (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 & PS5, Dec. 2)
  • Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Switch, Dec. 3)
  • Chorus (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 & Stadia, Dec. 3)
  • Disney Magical World 2: Enhanced Edition (Switch, Dec. 3)
  • Icarus (PC, Dec. 3)
  • White Shadows (PC, Xbox Series X/S & PS5, Dec. 7)
  • Halo Infinite (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S, Dec. 8)
  • Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (Xbox One & Switch, Dec. 8)
  • Demon Gaze Extra (PS4 & Switch, Dec. 9)
  • Syberia: The World Before (PC, Dec. 10)
  • Thunder Tier One (PC, Dec. 10)
  • Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (PC, PS4 & Switch, Dec. 13)
  • Firegirl: Hack & Splash (PC, Dec. 14; consoles in 2022)
  • Aeterna Noctis (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 & Switch, Dec. 15)
  • Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 & Switch, Dec. 16)
  • Sky Fleet (PC, Dec. 17)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (PC, PS4 & PS5, Dec. 16)
  • The Gunk (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S, Dec. 16)
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 & Switch, Dec. 23)

And those are the games you should be keeping an eye on this coming month. What games are you planning to pick up in December? Did I miss anything you’re looking forward to?

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