Capcom’s Nintendo Switch Titles Performed Strongly; Resident Evil VII Passed 4 Million Shipped Copies

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Capcom has published only two Nintendo Switch titles so far, Monster Hunter XX, only available in Japan as of now, and Ultra Street Fighter II, but both titles have been doing great on the market.

In its latest financial report, the Japanese publisher defined Monster Hunter XX as a title that performed strongly on the market. The publisher seems even more enthusiastic about Ultra Street Fighter II, which is currently considered as a smash hit.

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Capcom also talked about the performance of other big titles released this year. Resident Evil 7 has managed to ship over 4 million copies, while Marvel vs Capcom Infinite 900,000 copies.

Resident Evil 7 sales are well deserved, as the game is a return to form for the survival horror series.

Regardless, this is a tremendous game and a real return to form for a series that was once lauded for its brilliance but more recently has been mocked for its poor form. Gone are the hammy comments, though there are a few, and back are the puzzles. There are reasons to play the story multiple times, too, thanks to certain moments that change the shape of the story, and you can absolutely speedrun the game, just like the old days.

But it’s the house and the Baker family that make Resident Evil 7 so brilliant. It’s been years since we felt terrified of a game, at points unable to continue without a break, and despite it feeling slightly too long, that’s something well worth celebrating. Resident Evil 7 is back, it’s brilliant, and it’s scary. Who’d have thought we’d be saying that a few years ago? Where it goes next is anyone’s business, but Capcom finally seem to be back on track, and we couldn’t be happier.

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