Capcom Wants Monster Hunter Growth in the West; Predicts 100 Million PS4s Sold by 2020


Capcom is looking to expand Monster Hunter in ways that would get it into the hands of more players in West.

An Esuteru (via Neogaf) article reported comments that Capcom Chairman of the Board of Kenzo Tsujimoto made during a recent Q&A Session about the future of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and the current generation of consoles.

Some of the more interesting bits of the session were Capcom's predictions on sales figures for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. By the year 2020, Capcom is predicting that the PlayStation 4 will sell around 100 million consoles with Microsoft's Xbox One estimated around 40-50 million.

When speaking of sales in the West for Monster Hunter G, he explained that the handhelds represent only 10% of the dedicated videogame market in the West to explain the low sales figures for Monster Hunter G. In Japan, the game has done well mostly because handhelds reign supreme in the land of the Rising Sun.

Tsujimoto essentially said that Capcom needs to take advantage of where most users are playing on. While there was no actual announcement for a new Monster Hunter coming to consoles, it might be safe to say that Capcom is considering it if they want Monster Hunter to reach a larger audience in the West. One would also think that the Nintendo Switch could be a good candidate for a new Monster Hunter, due its nature of being a handheld/console hybrid.

Lastly, Tsujimoto said that they foresee Street Fighter V having a long shelf life because of its popularity in the e-sports community. He made a point to mention that the importance of finding ways to appeal to foreign consumers since Capcom does have a heavy focus on the overseas market. Expanding the franchise to PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One would do the job reaching a bigger base audience in Western countries.