Capcom and Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group Are Creating a New Monster Hunter Game for Mobile

Ule Lopez
Capcom TiMi Studio Group Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter series is one of the most common staples in gaming nowadays. Everyone at some point has played this series in which players take down several monsters. Well, a new entry in the series has been announced, and this time it will be a collaborative effort between Capcom and Tencent's own TiMi Studio Group.

The game is going to be made primarily for mobile devices. It aims to basically reproduce the staples that the Monster Hunter series is widely known for, so you'll be able to hunt down mighty monsters from the comfort of your mobile device. However, the game will also bring its own unique experience that will be unique for mobile devices and phones.

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The press release by Capcom and TiMi states that the partnership will combine the experience and strengths of both sides, allowing Monster Hunter to scale to more platforms. This is done with the aim of giving global hunters - experienced or new - the freedom to hunt as they desire, anytime and anywhere.

Not much else is known about this upcoming collaboration effort between Capcom and TiMi. However, TiMi Studio is certainly a studio that will provide a decent experience at least. They have worked in games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon UNITE. As such, it's easy to say that the developers have some field experience with other successful mobile games.

As for what this new Monster Hunter's experience will be like? Well, it's fair to speculate that the game will have some sort of monetization on its structure. After all, Monster Hunter has always been defined by its armors with varying stats and visual flares. The mobile game will also probably bring a lot of familiar encounters from the series' history, so we'll likely see Rathalos or Mitzsune. This is just speculation, though, so stay tuned for more details from Capcom.

The Capcom and TiMi Studio Group Monster Hunter game is currently in development.

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