Call of Duty Warzone Just Passed 15 Million Players

Call of Duty Warzone

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty Warzone has now passed 15 million players, as announced a few hours ago on Twitter. That's in just over three days since the launch on March 10th; the following day, Infinity Ward announced to have reached over six million players within the first 24 hours.

The free-to-play cross-platform standalone Battle Royale game currently has two main modes, as detailed below, but the developers are already experimenting with tweaks such as higher player count (up to 200), and four/five-man squads (right now, Call of Duty Warzone is limited to trios).

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The Two Call of Duty Warzone modes of play

At the launch of Call of Duty Warzoneplayers can drop into two modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. Here’s a brief overview of both alongside a few insights for success.

Mode: Battle Royale

Win Condition: Be the last squad standing.

Team Composition: Squads of three at launch

Redeployment Mechanics: Self-revive kits which arepurchase-able with in-match currency from Buy Stations or can looted in-match; Squad Buybacks which allow you to purchase a teammate’s redeployment from Buy Stations, or The Gulag (A 1v1 deathmatch that only occurs after the first elimination; the winner is granted redeployment back into the match).

Key Game Mechanics: Looting. Get inventory items on the ground, in Supply Boxes, from Air Drops, by completing in-match Contracts, from Buy Stations, and from killing enemy players.

Additional Insights: Calling in a Loadout Drop gives you access to your personally crafted loadouts, plus perk benefits.

Mode: Plunder

Win Condition: Collect more Cash than opposing teams. The first team to collect $1 Million starts a two-minute timer; the leading team after the two-minute bonus round is the winner.

Team Composition: Squads of three at launch

Redeployment Mechanic: Respawns enabled. Respawn occurs after a set delay period which can be shortened with a Self-Revive Kit.

Key Game Mechanics: Deposit Cash to protect it. Upon your death, a percentage of any held Cash is dropped and potentially picked up by enemy teams.

Additional Insights: Get Cash from looting, robbing banks, completing Contracts, and killing enemy players.

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