Buzzfeed Is Hilariously Mocked In A Serious Court Filing – Ouch, Things Got Personal


My favorite thing to do when I am free is going through Buzzfeed pages. The quizzes, the articles, the trends and well, you get my point. Buzzfeed is known for its extremely attractive titles that just force you to open them. Even if you don’t like the content, other featured articles on the page keep you entertained till the time comes when you realize that you have procrastinated for hours and now you are in big trouble with your boss.

Buzzfeed, how you doin’?

Looks like Buzzfeed is in a bit of trouble over its content. A libel lawsuit was filed against the media company in early February and the lawyers for the plaintiff did a total ‘Buzzfeed’ and chose a rather humorous title for the motion. The motion was filed on Monday and I guarantee even if you hated law in college you will definitely wish to read the motion! The title of the motion reads: "SIX WAYS BUZZFEED HAS MISLED THE COURT (NUMBER TWO WILL AMAZE YOU) ... AND A PICTURE OF A KITTEN!"

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So why did Buzzfeed get into trouble when they publish such adorable and entertaining articles, right? Russian tech executive Aleksej Gubarev and his companies are suing the media company for publishing a dossier that had a lot of information that was illogical and unverified. According to these documents Russia had incriminating personal and financial information about the US president, Donald Trump.

Gubarev was named in the document and Buzzfeed even admitted that they had not verified the information from the parties concerned. The company has now apologized to the Russian executive and has redacted his name from the dossier. The filing is long and I can’t write it all here but trust me on this, it is extremely entertaining and like I said before the lawyers made sure to give Buzzfeed a taste of their own entertainment medicine! The plaintiffs weren’t joking about the kitten picture as well; they have actually used that image in Exhibit 41! But one thing is for sure, the media company is in for an uphill court battle now.

Here kitty, kitty

The company should not take this lightly at all. The Florida jury had awarded Hulk Hogan 140 million dollars in his defamation case against Gawker Media. Buzzfeed said in a statement, “We're surprised by the plaintiffs' desire to make light of this matter," Buzzfeed said in a statement to Business Insider. And we are confident in our motion to dismiss Mr. Gubarev's suit." Do you sense fear, or is it just me? Oh and here you go here is the famous kitty I keep telling you about: