BREAKING: Modern Warfare 3 being co-developed by Infinity Ward

Rizwan Anwer

That's right folks Modern Warfare 3 has been long rumored and long anticipated, although since the legal battle between Activision and Infinity Ward reached dangerous heights last year I was starting to doubt whether IW would ever return to COD Series, well the answer is YES and NO.

YES they are helping make the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3

NO they are CO-DEVELOPING it, i.e they don't have much say in it as much as Sledgehammer studios does, While Raven Software who made the 2010 game Singularity is in charge of making the multiplayer of MW3 (I have a bad feeling about these guys)

Although rumors of Modern Warfare 3 being a Ghost prequel are MIGHTY strong on the internet and I am afraid that we MAY not know the fate of Soap and Price.

Source: JoyStiq

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