Brand New Dark Souls 2 4K Screenshots Showcase: Explore the Dark World


If any of you is on a hunt for some action packed terribly horrifying and difficult game, scribble Dark Souls 2 on the top of your list. Developed by Form Software and released in March 2014, Dark Souls 2 is a game that might seem frustrating at first, but once you learn the drill, this hardcore action role-playing game will immerse you completely. Below are some Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots showcasing the dark world of the game.

Dark Souls 2 4K Screenshots Let You Explore the Dark World in Ultra Resolution

Bringing forward the franchise's renowned difficulty and gripping gameplay contraptions, Dark Souls 2 is a game that every RPG fan should try out. Hated and liked equally, the game can some times be pretty frustrating, but if you keep a cap on your temper, you sure will have fun playing through the gameplay. Developed using the potential of Havok engine, Dark Souls 2's visuals on last-gen consoles are also enough nothing near lousy.

PC Gamer cared to shared some Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots showing different in-game environments. The screenshots show characters and objects of the game in a very detailed way. "I particularly love the way camera focus follows your character, so positioning him in certain places allowed me to manipulate depth of field," reads the site post. Enjoy Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots given below. The screenshots are heavy in size so open each one in a new tab and give it some time to load completely.