Block Ads on Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, and More – No Jailbreak Required!

Rafia Shaikh

Who isn't annoyed with the omnipresent ads on every other site we visit. While we may get through other sites, the ones we regularly visit do need to go ads-less - please? But no worries or dependence on having a jailbroken device to go ad-less. Here is how to block ads in iOS 7 on site like Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, and more without jailbreaking!

Block ads in iOS 7 apps!

We can get through advertisements a few times, but it gets seriously annoying when you have to deal with everyday on the tiny screens of your smartphones. Here is you can block Ads on iOS 7 devices for various websites.

There are a plenty of Ad Blockers; however, not many reliable ones are available unless your iOS device is jailbroken. Here is a pretty app named Weblock for iOS developed by Future Mind. This very helpful app lets you block obtrusive online content including banner ads, pop ups, user tracking and more!

Weblock for iOS also lets you block social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc to block them from tracking your personal information. The best thing about this app is that it block ads in iOS 7 apps and not just restrict it to the browser.

Here is how you can block ads in iOS 7 with Weblock!

Block ads in Pandora, Hulu+, YouTube:

To block ads on iOS 7 apps like Hulu Plus, Pandora, and Youtube, here is what you need to do:block ads on ios 7

  • Click on those three bars on top right.
  • Tap on Block Hulu ads to block ads on Hulu.
  • To block ads on iOS 7 Pandora app, check the Block Pandora ads.block ads in ios 7 apps
  • Once checked, restart the application(s) and your device.
  • Ta da!

There are a few bugs with Hulu+ ad blocker as it sometimes freezes the ad screen. Force-close and open it again if it happens with you.

To block ads on iOS 7 YouTube app:

  • Check the Block YouTube option.

However, it is recommended not to check this option as it might be a bit buggy too. When you install Weblock iOS 7, YouTube app automatically blocks all the ads, as reported by a plenty of users. So you don't really need to enable this option.


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