BlackBerry Targeted For Acquisition; Microsoft and Xiaomi Potential Buyers

BlackBerry, once a big player in the mobile industry is finding trouble just getting by in the face of tough competition that has sprouted in the past couple of years. There were times when the company could rejoice, following the modicum success of BlackBerry Passport. However, thanks to the company exceeding investors’ profit estimate reports for the previous quarter, a list of companies have started to take a keen interest in BlackBerry, with the possibility of acquiring it in order to give a boost to their own mobile business. Microsoft, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei are stated to be potential buyers, according to DigiTimes.

BlackBerry Mobile Solutions For Enterprises, and IoV (Internet Of Vehicles) Potentials Prizes After Acquisition

The report states that software giant Microsoft has already hired investment bankers from Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank to begin the evaluation process in order to conclude if BlackBerry will benefit Microsoft in the foreseeable future. The tech giant is no early bird to the acquisition department, with the firm acquiring Nokia’s Devices Division for $7.17 billion, along with a huge patent portfolio with it. Side by side, Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google for the price of $2.91 billion USD, making the largest PC maker a potential candidate for acquiring the Canadian telecommunication firm.

While details of why these tech companies would want to acquire BlackBerry have not been detailed, the company’s forte in IoV (internet of vehicles), along with its expertise concerning mobile solutions for enterprise are rare jewels that will benefit the potential company intending on acquiring it. With mobile devices becoming saturated, and a new market emerging for IoT and IoV, BlackBerry could provide the stepping stones for something greater.

Additionally, the added mobile security could play along nicely with Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform, which is going to be released for smartphones and tablets, after it has been rolled for desktop and laptop machines. Google’s Android platform is notorious for allowing an influx of malware related elements, which is why if Lenovo, Huawei or Xiaomi end up acquiring the company, it will grant them the opportunity to beef up the security in their future handsets.

Which company do you feel will have the most chance of acquiring BlackBerry, assuming that actually happens in the near future?

Image source: Q10

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