BlackBerry, IBM, Microsoft, and Others Are Now Android Enterprise Certified

While Android phones may be popular in consumer circles, their use in enterprise environments is largely non-existent. There are a lot of factors ranging from limited software support and security issues that keep large corporations away from using Android devices as their workhorses. The enterprise market is mostly dominated by Apple, and Google has been eyeing it for a while.

That is the reason why Google announced the Android Enterprise Recommended program about a year ago. It includes a list of Android devices that are ideal for business use and comply with stringent guidelines set by Google. A lot of devices are already Android Enterprise certified and that list continues to grow as more companies are shifting focus to make their hardware ready for use in an enterprise environment. Google also now has a set of recommended Enterprise Mobility Management providers aka EMMs.

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EMMs for short, are companies that set up and manage mobile devices for other companies. The first EMMs in Google's program are BlackBerry, Google Cloud, I3 Systems, IBM, MobileIron, Microsoft, Softbank, SOTI, and VMware. A company has to adhere to the following guidelines to qualify as an EMM:

  • Experience across multiple Android Enterprise implementation types
  • Proven ability to deliver advanced security and management features
  • A consistent deployment experience, with admin consoles that simplify set-up of Android Enterprise
  • Documentation and guides that provide best practices for Android Enterprise set-up and configuration
  • Google-trained personnel across field sales, technical pre-sales and deployment support
  • Commitment to staying current on the latest Android product features and training requirements

Google says it will add more approved EMMs over time. We can expect some familiar names such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung to make that list shortly. Devices used in an enterprise environment have to be subject to higher standards than their consumer market counterparts, as they hold highly sensitive data.

News Source: Android Police

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