Black Panther Unreal Engine 5 Open-World Imagining With Lumen and Nanite Has Fans Hoping

Aernout van de Velde
black panther unreal engine 5

A Black Panther Unreal Engine 5 open-world concept video has been released, and it’s looking pretty great.

Created by artist and YouTuber ‘TeaserPlay’, this fan concept video shows how an open-world Black Panther title could look in Epic’s new game engine complete with Nanite and Lumen tech. As expected, it has T'Challa fans excited as there are rumors about EA’s new LA studio working on an open-world single-player action RPG featuring the agile hero. Here’s what Jeff Grubb and Mike Williams recently had to say about this rumored project.

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"The [game] is called Project Rainier, and I believe that refers to the mountain in Washington [State]. It is a single-player game, it is in very early development, and the game starts with Black Panther being dead and the player is going to take on the challenge of becoming the new Black Panther. That seems to be the setup for the game. It is very likely being produced by the new Seattle studio that was founded by Monolith."

You can check out the new Black Panther Unreal Engine 5 concept video from TeaserPlay below:

Of course, aside from the above-mentioned rumored Black Panther open-world title, we’ve Amy Hennig’s confirmed Captain America/Black Panther crossover set in WWII.

"Skydance New Media and Marvel Entertainment's upcoming narrative-driven, ensemble adventure game is set in the Marvel Universe and features an original story that will take players on a WWII-era adventure with four playable heroes at different points in the story -- A young Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), Azzuri (T'Challa's grandfather and WWII-era Black Panther), Gabriel Jones (a U.S. soldier and member of the Howling Commandos), and Nanali (leader of the fledgling Wakandan Spy Network). Skydance New Media is helmed by award-winning writing and directory Amy Hennig. This title marks the first initiative from the new AAA game studio."

What are your thoughts about this concept video? Hit the comments down below.

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