Black Ops lag issues being addressed on PS3

Rizwan Anwer

So as many of you know Black Ops is still a fantastic game but there are certain problems, the net code is a bit unoptimized which leads to massive lag in online games with ping as low as 1 bar and the highest being 3 bars. This problem persisted on the PC version and was recently patched by Treyarch and is available for the steam users to download.

Treyarch is also working on addressing the ping issue on the PS3. While ping isn't that much of an issue for me when I set the game to regional match making It does get rather annoying when what I see is me emptying half of my Enfield into an enemy and him not dying but in the kill cam I see it a bit differently, then when I take a sneak peek into my ping I see I only have 1 bar which is probably the reason why I think my bullets miss. During the games initial release there were host problems which have now been resolved, whenever the first host of a TDM or ground war left the game would take me back to the pre game lobby and rechoose a host or most probably end the lobby I am glad to see that Treyarch is aware of the situation at hand and is taking their time to address these issues, I look forward to getting better latency in Black Ops.

Hey PS3 gamers,

We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community. We have already deployed a number of updates, and there will be many more to come. Stay tuned right here for all the latest info.


* - Villa: User can clip into rock at west edge of grid zone B2 and see through to the other side
* - Crisis: User can clip into LVT between grid zone A3 and B3 and see through to the other side
* - User can get an infinite number of 'Sam Turret', 'Care Package' and 'Sentry Gun' killstreaks (commonly referred to as the “care package glitch”)

* - Radar sweep when there are only 2 players left in One in the Chamber will stop functioning if the 2 players have multiple lives when the sweep starts
* - Crash when viewing content (films, clips, etc) in the Community & Recent Games menu

* - Users’ rank and stats can get wiped under very specific conditions

* - Online number counts were not updating properly; these are now reporting exact online numbers
* - Parties getting disbanded when host did not find a match quickly


* - Improved matchmaking to find matches faster
* - Improved match and host selection; will result in much better networking conditions for all games (a.k.a., decreased lag)
* - Weekly and Monthly leaderboards stats reporting incorrectly for kills, deaths and assists (All Time leaderboard not affected by this)
* - Additional improvements to party system


Source: CoD Forums

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