Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details Leaked, Weekend Leak Confirmed


Black Ops 2 could be the breath of fresh air fans have been waiting for, while the game promises to bring new ideas to the table such as decisions and alternate endings branched from those decisions it seems that multiplayer will always be an integral part of this game. But if the new multiplayer details have any truth to them then it might just be assumed that even I might be interested in playing the multiplayer mode after finishing the single player campaign.

Black Ops 2 is without a doubt one of the more anticipated Call of Duty games this year but if the new multiplayer details have any truth to them then it should be so if the new unnamed game mode is indeed real. (below has been taken from NeoGaf)

10 point allocation system replaces primary/secondary/grenades slot system
Guns, attachments, equipment, perks take up allocation points

for example you could have 2 primary weapons which would use most of your points and only have 1 perk.

Or No guns but lots of perks, so you could get a knife kill, steal a gun and make good on all the perks you choose.

New wager match variations.

Everyone starts with a machine pistol and 1 emp grenade, you have to disable and hack drones to get more kills, only way to get more emp grenades is to take them from another player.

Wager matches were undoubtedly my favorite addition to Black Ops and was a very fun and rewarding experience. And hopefully with their return and the new game mode I am more than set for the release of a new Black Ops sequel.

You can listen to a podcast Here and download it for free too at fast speeds, fast forward to 14:30 for Black Ops 2

The game will most certainly leak, as did Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 too. So it's a safe bet to assume that Black Ops 2 will also probably joined the leaked list near its release date if not earlier.