Why We Should Petition to Bring Back Star Wars 1313


There are plenty of historically fantastic Star Wars games available. And we were going to get at least one more entry that could have chocked the world with it's innovative gameplay and gorgeous graphics. Disney, you need to bring back Star Wars 1313. The fans decree it.

Disney, you will bring back Star Wars 1313...

Star Wars 1313 represents a shift from the lighthearted nature that only skirted around the issues of of death, destruction sadness, to a bold new approach that looks directly at the darker aspects of Star Wars. Not only that, but it also gives us a glimpse into the younger years of one of the most popular characters, Boba Fett.

It was supposed to show us the effects that the oppressive Empire had on the lower levels of Coruscant, taking us into the life of a budding bounty hunter who's struggling to find his own way in life after the death of his own Father, and really himself. It looked fantastic and had a truly fantastic premise surrounding it. It was going to be good.

Until Disney bought the Lucas family of companies, and thus cancelled or put on hold every digital product. Could it come back? Certainly, Battlefront is obviously continuing development, so it stands to reason that other titles could be revived. Unfortunately the signs don't point towards Star Wars 1313 specifically. The trademark was abandoned in 2014 and no further news has made its way into anyone's hands since then.

But fear not, because there is always hope. And perhaps this is the only hope. Amy Denning, an Uncharted franchise writer, did leave for Visceral Games not too long ago, and Visceral Games does have rights to produce Star Wars games along with EA. Supposedly there were two positions open at that studio that pointed towards the development of a third-person style action game. Could this be the game we're looking for? It's downright possible, that's for sure. But we won't know anything until E3 next month, where we can expect a reveal of some kind to make it's way to us.

Star Wars is a fantastic franchise that can inspire the hearts and minds of nearly everyone of every generation. Even my Grandfather (may he rest in the Force) thoroughly enjoyed the similarities and deep integration of classic literary themes.

The same holds true for most of the games that were created. While some didn't exactly break new ground in gameplay or graphics, quite the contrary at times, but it was the integration into one of the largest and most celebrated mythos' available that captured the attention of many gamers. And quite frankly it was always the story that drew many, me included, into playing.

That story, that wonderfully deep and far reaching story that spans many numerous (though they aren't canon), movies, television shows and comic books. That story that at its core is the very embodiment of the monomyth, or the hero's journey. The great thing, though, is that that formula is carried on throughout most of the works, making for a cohesive storytelling element.

So with that, we should petition Disney to bring back one of the most innovative third-person shooters that made its way into the public eye. Even if they're already working on it (Force willing), we need to tell Disney that we want it. Nay, we need it.