Bioware’s Creative Director Teased Secret IP At GDC But No One Noticed

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year, Bioware's Senior Director of Creative Development, Alistair McNally, seemingly teased Bioware's new and secret IP.


The GDC is well over now, but a big new game reveal may have gone unnoticed. McNally took to Twitter to share that GDC is over, and what he likes most in the games industry. Additionally, the creative director tweeted that he actually walked around with Bioware's new IP on his t-shirt.

Unfortunately, this 'tease' from McNally has gone unnoticed, and Bioware fans are going bananas about the hint that has been missed.

Secret IP

On the official Bioware forums, users have been searching for photos that include McNally wearing his shirt. At the moment of writing, no images have been found however.  On the Lady Insanity Tumblr page, visitors are also asked whether they have seen the creative director at the event.


I guess we have to wait until a picture actually shows up of McNally wearing his 'New IP shirt'. There is also the possibility that he has just been fooling fans with this tweet, and that the alleged shirt wasn't worn at all.

Bioware's new IP remains a mystery, and apart from the occasional tease, not much has been revealed. What we do know is that the new IP is in the works by Bioware's Edmonton studio. The IP was mentioned during Bioware's E3 2014 presentation.

“BioWare want to tell “very contemporary stories” with the game, but in a world “as big as and imaginative” as the studio’s previous work in sci-fi and fantasy. It will be a “clean-sheet design” starting from “the most fundamental principles you can have”, said Bioware devs during the video. “We’re trying to build a fictional world that feels real.”

With the E3 2016 closing in on us, let's hope that Bioware will reveal more on their secret project.

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