Bioware Is Taking a Cue out of Fortnite’s Seasonal Events for Anthem

Bioware hasn't said much about the post-launch plans for Anthem yet, other than all of the additional story content will be free. However, they did open up a bit with PC Gamer at PAX West 2018, citing the seasonal events that Epic has been delivering to Fortnite as a bit of an inspiration for the model.

Executive Producer Mark Darrah: Well, one problem that we’ve had with BioWare games is there’s a real reluctance to talk about what you’ve experienced because of the feeling of spoilers. But when you look at something like Fortnite, there’s this very shared communal storytelling going on, like with the purple cube or the missile or the meteor showers. People share this experience because they know everyone saw it. That’s what our world actually gets us. What we’ve never had before is the ability to have a shared experience we can all talk about and have storytelling on this communal level.

We can have one of the characters you’re already interacting with be like, ‘Oh, you know I heard about a big purple cube!’ And then you show the big purple cube, and then the big purple cube moves, and then oh my God, the big purple cube is whatever the hell the big purple cube is going to be.

Lead Producer Michael Gamble: And we can do that without the players waiting for five, six, three, four, whatever months for massive DLC.

Mark Darrah: So we definitely are planning to do some seasonal content, bigger stuff. But then I think we need something more than that. I think what Fortnite, what Epic has done that others maybe haven’t figured out, is that they have seasons—big 10 week-long things—and then within that they’re like, we’re just going to sprinkle in something on top of that.

What then you see is a lot of developers are missing is that second level of thing. They’ve got the season and they hit that cadence. ‘We do five things a year, six things a year.’ But they don’t have that extra little bit of spice, and that’s what Epic has figured out.

Michael Gamble: We have a full plan. Potentially even a third layer. We understand completely that as time goes on people’s interest in things will drop off and then the only people you’ll be able to get back are the ones who are super hardcore in the game. We don’t want that.

As pointed out by the two lead Bioware developers, Anthem does have a proper reason built in the lore to shake things up every once in a while. The world of Anthem was left unfinished by its makers, but their worldbuilding tools have remained in place and still activate every now and then, thus changing the surrounding environments.

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Darrah and Gamble also recently participated in an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) session on Twitter where they revealed more information on the game's details and features. We've reported the highlights in this article.

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