BIOSTAR Teases Its New VALKYRIE Z500 Series Motherboards

Evan Federowicz

BIOSTAR has officially teased its upcoming VALKYRIE Z500 Series Motherboards, and This motherboard series is designed with Intel's upcoming 11th generation Rocket Lake-S processors. The Image shown by BIOSTAR shows the Valkyries' wings in a black and white color scheme, signifying the color scheme that the new motherboards may have. This image of the wings may also show the icon for this motherboard series. BIOSTAR has confirmed two different motherboards, the Z590 Valkyrie and the Z590I Valkyrie.

BIOSTAR releases a teaser image for its upcoming Z500-series motherboards, featuring either an ATX or Mini-ITX form factor

BIOSTAR has teased an image to introduce its newest line of motherboards, while the technical specifications weren't mentioned in the post. The Tweet did feature wings associated with Valkyrie from Norse mythology with a black and white color scheme. According to VideoCardz, the first additions to BIOSTAR's Valkyrie motherboard series are the Z590 Valkyrie and the Z590I Valkyrie. These two motherboards will feature different form factors, allowing a larger variety of PC builders to buy and gain a larger interest in these new motherboards and motherboard series.

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The Z590 Valkyrie motherboard has been started to be in an ATX form factor, while the Z590I Valkyrie is in the Mini-ITX form factor, which allows for a smaller overall PC when compared to the ATX form factor. The Mini-ITX form factor may offer fewer PCIe slots when compared to the ATX form factor requires a larger case when compared. Both of these motherboards are designed with the Intel 11th generation Rocket Lake-S series processors designed to offer a higher level of performance while featuring the same LGA 1200 socket and have up to eight cores. These new processors will also offer support for PCIe 4.0, which provides significantly higher bandwidth when compared to PCIe 3.0.

BIOSTAR will make another announcement next week when Intel lifts the embargo on its 500-series motherboards chipsets for its 11th generation processors; that is why this initial teased image offers no technical details and only shows the Valkyrie's wings in a black and white color scheme. This upcoming announcement will showcase more technical information about these upcoming motherboards.

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