BIM For iPhone Lets You Open Links Without Leaving Messages App

In this day and age, we send and receive a countless number of links to our contacts on a monthly basis. In fact, if you're a serial texter, then it's highly likely that your friends or family drop you links on a daily routine. But the problem is, interacting with those links can be a huge pain.


See, the thing is, whenever you tap on a link, especially on an iPhone, the Safari browser will first launch, and when it's done loading, it will then proceed to load up the link. The process of launching Safari is a huge pain for a lot of users, and wouldn't things be better if Safari didn't launch at all, and the link could be browsed directly from the Messages app? Guess what? You cries have finally been heard. A jailbreak tweak called BIM lets you do just that.

The way BIM for iPhone tweak works is absolutely genius. Instead of forcing the user to launch Safari to check out a link, BIM simply brings up a Safari overlay in which the link is loaded up. Once you're done going through the link, simply tap on the close button on the top right hand corner to close the overlay. Given the simplicity of the tweak and how it works, we're surprised that such a thing isn't a part of stock iOS. Nonetheless, if you want such a thing to be a part of the roster, then jailbreaking is the way to go.

Apart from the close button on the top right, there's a refresh / reload button on the top left hand corner. Hence, basic controls are all there to interact with the link.


BIM costs absolutely nothing (read: free) and is available to download directly from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. And like we mentioned above, it requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone. Lastly, there are no options to configure for BIM after you've installed it. Just download and use. If you don't like it, simply get rid of it and things will be back to how they were before.

Haven't jailbroken your device just yet?

If you’re a Windows user, then check out our guide posted here for complete details. Alternatively, if TaiG is not your cup of tea then you can try its alternative PP to achieve the same thing. You can follow our complete guide posted here on how to use the PP jailbreak tool to liberate iOS 8.4.

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