Bill Gates Prefers Using A Galaxy Foldable As His Daily Driver

Furqan Shahid
Bill Gates Prefer Using a Galaxy Foldable as His Daily Driver

Bill Gates, although one of the most influential people in the world, still prefers interacting with followers over on Reddit. Last year, Gates revealed through a Reddit AMA that his phone of choice is the Galaxy Z Fold 3. According to him, the Z Fold 3 provided the perfect balance between a phone and a portable PC.

Samsung chairman gifted bill Gates a Galaxy Z Fold 4

The trustworthy Galaxy Z Fold 3 has finally retired, as Bill Gates appears to have upgraded his phone to Galaxy Z Fold 4. While one could argue that the upgrade is not significant enough, these foldable see major improvements internally to their design and overall build quality, so that is a good step in the future.

However, this time, Bill Gates received the Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung chairman Lee Jay-Yong in South Korea. This is what Bill Gates had to say,

“Of course, I use Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software on it. The screen size means I don’t use a tablet, but just the phone and my portable PC – a Windows machine."

Gates further talked about how even though he's involved to some extent with Microsoft, he does not know Microsoft's hardware roadmap and whether or not we will see more phones from the company.

No matter how rudimentary, it is nice to see that one of Microsoft's most prolific people and founders is still so open about using Android rather than something they have made. This is not a comparison between Samsung and other companies, just a simple insight into the device Bill Gates prefers as his daily driver. Gates has previously talked about how he prefers Android over iOS, and talked about how it simply boils down to the preinstalled software.

What phone are you rocking as your daily driver? Let us know in the comments below.

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