Bethesda’s Todd Howard Praises Nintendo Switch But Is Unsure “Where It’s Gonna Go”


Bethesda’s game director, Todd Howard, has complimented Nintendo for its upcoming new platform, the Nintendo Switch, but is unsure where it will go at this point.

Howard praised the Switch in a recent interview with Gamespot, stating that Nintendo’s move to develop a hybrid platform was “really smart”.

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"I think it's really smart what they've done," Howard said about the Switch and its hybrid nature. "I think it's the kind of device that only Nintendo could make. It's exciting to bring Skyrim to the Nintendo audience."

The game director added that Nintendo has been a great partner for Bethesda this time around, but also said that Nintendo was “less interested” in Bethesda’s titles.

"Whereas before they were less interested in the types of things that we did or some other groups did," Howard told Gamespot.

Skyrim Special Edition will also release on the Nintendo Switch

While Howard seems genuine excited about the Switch, he’s not really sure whether the new platform will be a success among gamers.

"I don't know where it's gonna go," he said. "But I think it's a really smart platform. We like it a lot."

The Nintendo Switch is slated for a global release next month on March 3. Skyrim Special Edition will release for Nintendo’s new platform sometime later this year.