Bethesda Game Studios Teases Fallout Related Announcement


Like several other publishers, Bethesda is expected to show some high profile titles at this year's E3, and it seems like one of these games will be related to the Fallout series

Earlier today, Bethesda Game Studios (the team behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout) shared on its official Twitter profile a simple tease for an announcement related to the role-playing game series.

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As to what's being teased, nothing is certain. This October will be the 10th anniversary of Fallout 3, so a remaster or remake could be in the works. It could also be another spin-off game in the vein of Fallout New Vegas. It likely won't be the fifth main entry in the series, as the publisher is alternating between the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises, so a sequel to Skyrim should be released before another post-apocalyptic role-playing game. No matter what is being announced, we will surely learn more about it during Bethesda's E3 2018 conference, which is being held on June 10th.

Even though the latest entry in the series has been released some time ago, its modding community is as active as ever. Recently, the Fallout Miami mod has been unveiled, with some screenshots also emerging online.

A lot of you have been wondering where exactly Fallout: Miami takes place and what the ingame map will include. We’re going to answer that question today. Here are the borders of the game world, a loving recreation of a lovely part of southern Miami Beach. In order to fit all of the interesting locations we have planned, we’ve taken a few creative liberties, but our map remains mostly accurate to the real world area we want to represent.